Ranked: Here are the Top 10 Online Shopping sites in Pakistan

Online shopping or e-commerce is the form of shopping which allow customer to buy goods online using internet. The trend of online shopping is now popular in Pakistan but not as much as in western countries.

Since the arrival of 3G/4G e-commerce sector become more popular in Pakistan and e-commerce sector estimated to achieve $1 billion revenue by 2020.

Peoples are looking for discount on products and most of the online shopping sites offer discount on many products especially on National events like 14 August and Black Friday.

How you can buy the goods or products online? There are many methods like credit card, paypal (not available in Pakistan) and cash on delivery. The most popular method is cash on delivery. You can buy any product online and pay cash on delivery.

Many successful online sites covering all of the major products. Peoples usually buy electronics products online like mobile phones, laptops and computer accessories etc.

Now let’s check top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan.

Please Note that this list is based on Alexa traffic ranking and not based on customer reviews and rating.

1. Daraz.pk
2. Symbios.pk
3. Homeshopping.pk
4. Shophive.com
5. Kaymu.pk
6. Yayvo.com
7. Mega.pk
8. ishopping.pk
9. Telemart.pk
10. 24hours.pk


top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan

No doubt Daraz.pk is no 1 e-commerce i-e online shopping site in Pakistan. Covering the huge products range. Also one of the top 10 site in Pakistan. Daraz has 9.3 million unique visitor every month. According to alexa it’s global rank is 1504 and 8 in Pakistan.


Symbios is now on 2nd biggest online shopping site in Pakistan. Covering a great collection of products. It becoming more and more famous.
According to alexa it’s global rank is 21284 and 163 in Pakistan.


Homeshpping got 3rd rank in Pakistan. Covering the huge range of the products. Offering it’s customer 7 days replacement warranty.
According to alexa it’s global rank is 25257 and 226 in Pakistan.


Shophive got 4th position in Pakistan. With it exceptional after-sales service and customer support, Shophive is leader and market player in electronics.
According to Alexa it global rank is 36080 and 295 in Pakistan.


Kaymu got 5th position in Pakistan. Kaymu offers both C2C & B2C platforms to its clients, which implies that in addition to selling its own products.
According to Alexa it global rank is 21277 and 315 in Pakistan.


Yayvo is no 6th site of online shopping in Pakistan. Yayvo lunched and owned by TCS. It has shown rapid improvement in recent times due to strong marketing efforts.
It’s globel rank is 38604 and 348 in Pakistan.


Mega.pk got 7th position in e-commerce sites in Pakistan. It’s as old as shophive but due to it’s poor marketing it’s come 7th position.
It’s alexa global rank 44222 and 356 in Pakistan.


ishopping comes at 8th position. This site has customer friendly design but poor marketing planning. Most of its traffic still comes from search engines.
It’s global rank is 44072 and 424 in Pakistan.


Telemart is no 9th in Pakistan. It is a relatively popular name but has failed to convert that into traction. Telemart’s users usually spend 3 minutes 12 seconds on the website and view 3.11 pages every visit.
It’s global rank is 65638 and 693 in Pakistan.


24Hours is 10th in position. Still a new brand, 24hours.pk has seen rapid improvement in recent times thanks to strong marketing efforts.
It global rank is 94003 and 917 in Pakistan.

These are all the top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan. Any suggestion will be welcome.

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